Dundee, Scotland 2018. Diane Arbus once said "You see someone on the street, and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw." In some ways, she's right. People are flawed, we all are, we struggle and our difficulties in our lives are sometimes written in our face, our posture, our troubled minds. I walk... Continue Reading →

Up Close

Dundee, Scotland. Street photography, for me, is a multi functional and purposeful activity. The process of walking and observing, skulking. looking for extraordinary people in ordinary settings. The process of capturing a natural, unrehearsed image, the person unaware of the making of the image, this precious fraction of time. The candid nature of my photography... Continue Reading →


Shy, reserved, withdrawn, reticent, quiet, timid, bashful, unsociable, inward-looking, self-contained, self-absorbed, self-interested, contemplative, thoughtful, reflective, stand-offish, rude.   I've been called all of these things. Throughout my childhood and even into my adult life I assumed I was all of these things, Id been called these things from family members, teachers, associates, colleagues and strangers and I believed it. I thought I was different, weird, even... Continue Reading →

Same pub, different day

Dundee Scotland. I'm not a believer in consequences, but almost every time I've walked past this pub I've seen this man outside smoking. I have several images taken over several years of this same place with the same man. I don't know him and he's never objected to me making his photograph. Maybe one day... Continue Reading →


Private troubles in public spaces. Is it morally and ethically right to photograph and publish images of human suffering and pain? I think its all down to interpretation and how one sees the image and to what purpose its used. Some of the most powerful and influential images there has been are of human distress... Continue Reading →

Phones and selfies

Various locations: Hong Kong, Perth Scotland, Dundee Scotland, Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, Forfar Scotland. The contrasting and different locations are mere details, people around the world are the same, they are all obsessed with mobile phones and taking pictures of themselves. We have never been so photographed as a species... Continue Reading →

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