Looking for a connection

3rd september (3)

Forfar, Scotland.

Feeling connected  is an essential element to the human condition. We need to feel connected to something, this is evident the world over. Whether it be a wifi signal or something deeper and more profound, we seek connections throughout our life.

We may connect with family and friends, work colleagues, the wider community, a religious or spiritual mentor, art or music, the list is as complex and lengthy as there are people. Connections are often nurturing, healthy and give us a sense of belonging and sometimes a sense of purpose.

There are however times where we may feel disconnected, particularly in times of loss or trauma and previous connections are either gone or inaccessible yet as humans, we will still want to feel a connection to something, anything. These situations may result in seeking the peace and solace in a connection with behaviours or substances that can ultimately cause harm to ourselves and or others. The very essence of what we seek, the connection, can, for many people result in pain and suffering on a scale most of us cannot comprehend.



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