Phones and selfies

Various locations: Hong Kong, Perth Scotland, Dundee Scotland, Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Forfar Scotland.

The contrasting and different locations are mere details, people around the world are the same, they are all obsessed with mobile phones and taking pictures of themselves.

We have never been so photographed as a species and I wonder what this says about the human race that we are constantly connected to each other with phones and devices. Is this simply people engaging with technology in ways we could never have imagined 50 years ago, or is this something more profound, something possibly emerging as the beginnings of a complete shift in how the human race interacts with each other.

Things like letter writing are viewed as “retro” or “vintage”. Groups of people can sit in the same room now and all be connected to the rest of the world but seem so disconnected to the people sitting next to them.

If I’m still around in 50 years I’ll let you know how it unfolded.

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