Looking for a connection

Forfar, Scotland. Feeling connected  is an essential element to the human condition. We need to feel connected to something, this is evident the world over. Whether it be a wifi signal or something deeper and more profound, we seek connections throughout our life. We may connect with family and friends, work colleagues, the wider community, a... Continue Reading →


Growing Old

What's viewed as "old" these days? I suppose it's varied from generation to generation and depends on how old one is oneself when describing someone as "old". But I'm of the opinion that being "old" is a state of mind rather than how many years you've been alive. As someone somewhere once said, "its not... Continue Reading →

Same window, different days

Forfar High Street. The window seat is the best. Im in this coffee shop so often now that i know most of the staff by first name and as a creature of habit, they all know my usual drink and are already preparing it as I approach the counter...now that's service for you. The multiple... Continue Reading →


Dundee, Costa. I often sit in cafes writing, observing and reflecting always camera ready in the off chance something may capture my attention. This man was so immersed in his scone, butter and jam that he didn't notice me making his photograph. The concentration on his face and single minded focus was admirable. I connected... Continue Reading →


Dundee, McManus Galleries. I think the presence of the moving person in this image would still make it street photography. Another of my favourite shots in one of my favourite places. The museum and galleries have been a part of my life since I was a boy. My Dad used to take me there to look... Continue Reading →

Box Heads

Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian. After I had stopped laughing at this ridiculous site in the Chapel's visitor centre, I managed to hold the camera steady enough to take this. I like to think the man on the left is retrieving a message rolled up in a secret compartment in the heel of his shoe to give... Continue Reading →

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